About District 12

District 12 includes South Fayetteville, Mount Sequoyah, and the Downtown area.

Washington County 2022 Redistricting

In Arkansas, redistricting happens every ten years based on population changes. The boundaries of District 12 changed with the 2022 election. The image below shows the current and previous boundaries of District 12. The current boundaries are marked in yellow.

In 2022, more parts of South Fayetteville were added to District 12. These include:

  • the south Razorback Road area
  • South Stadium Drive hill
  • Cato Springs
  • Fayette Junction
  • Hollywood Avenue
  • Baum Walker Stadium
  • Greathouse Park
  • Fayetteville Country Club/South Mountain
  • Kinwood
  • the Putnam neighborhood near Fayetteville High School

You can click the image to enlarge.

Current District 12 in yellow. Old District 12 outlined in red.

The old boundaries are outlined in red. As you can see, several neighborhoods have moved out of District 12 and into other districts. The Fayetteville neighborhoods west of Crossover and north of Hyland Park are now in District 9 (orange) represented by JP Beth Coger. The Stonebridge/Dead Horse Mountain Rd. area is now in District 14 (tan) represented by JP Gary Ricker. The east side of Crossover, including Hyland Park and Stone Mountain, is now in District 15 (purple) represented by JP Butch Pond.

Click for a General Map of all current JP voting districts.

District 12 was previously represented by Sue Madison

Sue Madison

Sue Madison is the former District 12 Justice of the Peace. She served with distinction as an Arkansas State Senator and in the Arkansas House of Representatives for a total of 26 years in elected office. She is highly recognized for her civic and community achievements. In 2019, she decided not to seek re-election. She retired from public service at the end of 2020.

Sue endorsed Evelyn Rios Stafford to succeed her. "I feel like the people I have represented for many years would be very well-served by Evelyn." - JP Sue Madison

Evelyn was sworn in to office in January 2021.

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